serialangels : AudioSwitcher

AudioSwitcher allows you to quickly choose between your Mac's attached audio devices.

Download on the Mac App Store

Keyboard Control

AudioSwitcher allows you to create custom keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between any two frequently used devices both input and output. You can also setup short cuts for volume control and mute here

Quick Access

The main screen provides a view of all the system audio devices (input and output) in one place. Here you can select a new device, alter the volume of any device without switching to it as well as choose the Sound Effects device, the sample rate, produce mono output or create multiple output devices

Startup Devices and Volume

AudioSwitcher can not only be set to start at login but to switch to any input or output device at the same time and set that devices volume so your always ready to work.

Multiple Outputs

AudioSwitcher allows you to quickly create Multiple output devices so you can combine sound output from several speakers at once, quickly and easily from the main screen



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